BIQA provides movement information pertaining to all aspects of the Mind Body connection that are necessary when performing any movement pattern. Movement fundamentals are assessed, taught, and reinforced through the use of various technologies. First we focus on determining how a person moves and what limitations that person may have. Limitations, coupled with knowledge of the type of movement the person is trying to achieve, give us a road-map to what systems should be put in place to rapidly develop the persons abilities. This process promotes iterative learning for movers and athletes alike by ensuring that they can perform basic fundamental movements properly per their body limitations which unlocks higher level movement concepts as they work through their custom skill based training packages. These packages reinforce the entire mover or athlete through connected learning solutions that include stretching, nutrition, education, focus, intensity, and high quality training with instant feedback. These tools, integrated in our proprietary Body IQ Awareness system, provide a constant connection between action and result.